How to Drive Safe in Winter Time? 10 Expert Tips [Infographic]

Winter driving advice from our snow clearing and gritting experts

As the temperatures drop below the freezing point and first snowfall surprises all drivers and pedestrians, your daily early morning commute is no longer hazard-free. Especially driving in wintry weather, on slippery roads or during blizzards, can be indeed very tricky.
See our experts’ advice below on how to drive safe in snow, get proper equipment and tyres, in order to arrive at your destination on time, with no unnecessary braking and stress along the way. Give your undisturbed attention to what’s happening on the road and around your vehicle, especially if the road you are taking has not been gritted, or after the snow has been cleared, the road surface is covered in a think slippery and dangerous layer of ice.

tips for driving safe in snow

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