The Benefits of our Gritting Services for Businesses

See for yourself how your company can benefit from our winter maintenance services

Figures would suggest that the number of accidents happening in the United Kingdom as a result of snow and ice are increasing every year. The most common type of fractures sustained from falls are a fractured femur, lower leg, forearm, shoulder and upper arm. If this was to happen in an area owned by you and your business, you could see yourself facing prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Before it gets to this extreme case, you can protect yourself by hiring UK Gritting, who can protect you and your business from snow and ice.

Consequences of lack of winter risks management

At Gritting UK, we work through extreme weather conditions, gritting and clearing snow to protect your business. Such conditions can be particularly hazardous and regular gritting is critical, to ensure the health and safety of your employers and customers. We grit car parks, pathways and building entrances as part of your winter risk strategy with us. This prevents you from getting into a legal situation and you being liable for someone slipping and hurting themselves due to the icy conditions. So, how can we benefit your business?. We can save on the cost and time of any expensive claims made against your business.

How we can help you mitigate winter risks

Benefits of pre-schedule snow removal and winter gritting services for commercial premises in the UK
This means that you can continue to operate as usual, preventing any loss you may temporarily have to your business, should you need to close during bad weather conditions. More importantly, we can prevent yourself and your business against claims, as well as avoiding a poor reputation amongst the business and any staff or customer injuries that might happen as a result of no gritting. By law, employers are required so far as is reasonably practical to ensure the health and safety of employees and others and to conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments with workplace conditions and means of access being prominent. We can make this easy, taking the responsibility from you.

We do this is in a number of ways. We use the latest and most advanced forecasting technology from MeteoGroup. This allows us to get incredibly accurate weather forecasts, ensuring the safety of our clients. We work closely with the MeteoGroup and always have the right forecasting solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. We also invest in new vehicles and snow clearing machinery, to make sure we are efficient as well as meeting the CO2 standards. Our 4×4 vehicles are equipped with the latest SnowEX gritters and BOSS snow ploughs.

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We have an incredibly simple set up process, allowing you to get your winter schedule set up in no time. Simply call us and we will carry out a free Risk Assessment Survey. We will then provide you with a detailed quote along with your strategy plan. All you need to do is sign up to this plan and you and your business can be covered and remain fully functional and protected from any unlikely winter weather conditions.