Snow removal solutions for residential property owners

Manual snow shovelling on residential properties

Hand snow removals have always been the most commonly chosen way of getting rid of snow by domestic home owners across the country.

Let’s put the cards on the table – manual snow sweeping and shovelling make the only one 100% environmentally friendly solution to winter snow clearing. To get rid of snow in an eco-friendly way, invest into a broom or a simple aluminium shovel – this will surely be of less expense that purchasing a cutting-edge electric snow blower (on the other hand, an alternative may include a second-hand snow blower).

If the pavement surface is even enough, try to minimise the force you need to use by angling the shovel’s blade along the tarmac layer, as opposite to the traditional loft and toss technique.

Getting rid of snow from your driveway and sidewalk early in the morning brings not only the benefit of making the neighbouring area safe for passersby, relieving you of any possible liabilities if you removed the snow and pavement icing thoroughly enough and an accident occurs.

It’s easier to remove 3 inches of snowfall rather than 6” – rather than allowing snow to accumulate, remove it as soon as possible, even if weather forecasts predict more snowfall in the upcoming hours. If a substantial amount of snow has already accumulated, it is recommended to avoid lifting too much snow at once – always remove snow in layers. Packed snow (snow gets bonded to the tarmac through walking over the snow and use of vehicles) tends to be significantly harder to remove.

Snow shovelling unfortunate events include lower back aches, shoulder strains and head injuries caused by being bashed by a shovel.

Domestic snow blowing

Purchasing a snow blower for individual snow removal on your private property or occasionally clearing snow off your front driveway may not seem like a cost-effective solution for domestic snow removals. However, snow blowers make a quicker alternative to manual snow shovelling and sweeping, and surely cause less long term backache and the nuisance of shoulder strains during snowy periods.

Electric snow blowers are the types of snow blowers that are hassle-free when it comes to powering and maintenance, however less powerful that their fuel powered cousins. Diesel snow blowers provide more power, and can run on bio-diesel, if you care to use a more environmentally friendly snow clearing solution.

More eco-friendly alternatives to applying salt

Let’s face it – there is no other way of getting rid of snow and ice as quickly as it can be done with salt. There are no 100% environmentally friendly de-icers, period.

Typically, de-icers contain chlorides (sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride) which are all various salts, responsible for corrosion on vehicles and bikes, pollution of water streams and local rivers; melting snow and ice by applying salt is also bed for your pets. Hereby de-icers and salts should be only used as a last resort solution to snow removal.

There is a string of novelty chemicals that are said to eliminate the risk of corrosion for the metal parts of staircases and vehicles, however there is no 100% safe chemical to be used for successful snow removal.


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