Met Office Gold Quality Mark

At UK Gritting, we are incredibly pleased and proud to announce that we have been awarded the Met Office Gold Quality Mark. This award has many benefits for us as a company, which we can pass on to you, to make sure that we are providing you with the best and most reliable service we possibly can. The Gold Quality Mark is a way of acknowledging the fact that we are meeting all the benchmarks that have been laid down for us to ensure that we are giving you the best service we can. We get the most accurate weather forecasts, which mean that we can be well prepared to keep your sites safe and free from ice frost and snow.

To qualify for the Gold Quality mark, we had to meet all of the criteria laid out by the Met Office. In total, there are four possible awards that you can be awarded, Training, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The fact that we were awarded a Gold Award really sets our business apart from other gritting services. We have invested a lot of time in training our staff to better interpret weather information, which in turn helps them to understand the conditions and changes that affect treatment applications. Predicting the weather conditions as accurately as possible is so important and enables us to deploy our resources more effectively. This results in your sites being safe for your staff, visitors and vehicles. Better prediction of snow also helps us to help you keep your business open. It is important to effectively and efficiently grit your sites both for commercial and environmental reasons.

Met Office trained staff interpreting the forecasts allows us to do that resulting in a safe and open business for you. The service that we provide puts our customers minds at ease so that even in the worst weather; they will be able to access their workplace as we will always be that one step ahead. We care for you, your staff and customers and strive to do the best possible job.. We cover 95% of the UK in providing a fully managed proactive gritting, and snow clearing service. Our care and attention has prevented injuries, slips and falls during the winter months. It is this that makes UK Gritting stand out and ultimately led us to proudly receive the Met Office Gold Quality Award.